Welcome to the Museum of Aquarium and Pet History

Welcome to The Museum of Aquarium & Pet History. This museum is dedicated to the history of aquarium & pet keeping and includes a huge depository of over 3,000 items that were historically used to keep pets. These items would be antique aquariums, fish bowls and stands, bird cages, squirrel cages, dog, cat, bird, and fish foods and medications, pet advertising signs including neon and automation, pet product shipping wood crates, metal fish shipping cans, etc., etc. The museum also has a library with over 1,000 aquarium and pet books, 5,000 aquarium and pet magazines, and hundreds of original letters from pet companies, pet publishers, aquarium & pet hobbyists, pet stores, etc.

Currently the museum is housed in 4 buildings with only one that is set up for display. Building number 1 (display building) currently houses over 200 antique aquariums and fish bowls plus over 200 bird cages along with dog & cat food items, plus antique pet advertising signs and more. Currently we are not open to the public but plan on monthly YouTube videos to showcase the collection plus updates and articles on the website about the collection. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and website.

One of the features of the museum website will be to showcase the history of both pet companies and aquarium hobbyist. We welcome outside contributions on company history from anyone who may have worked at a company no longer in business, or one still in business that has been in business for 25 years or more. We also would like any historical information on tropical fish farms or aquarium, bird, dog, cat, etc., hobbyist that have made a significant contribution to pet & aquarium keeping.

Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned for lots more aquarium & pet history in the months ahead!


Victorian Trade Cards and the Pet Trade, an Initial Overview

by  | Apr 26, 2022 | Newsroom

Printed advertising of businesses has over its long history taken on many forms and it is a continually evolving process. Some forms of this have been long lasting (e.g., in magazines), but others, for a variety of reasons, have had a shorter life span . . . 

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